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Home to the best beaches of the world, situated 57 kms NE ( 3 hrs to 2.30 hrs) of Port Blair.
Attraction: Its white sandy beaches, spell bounding turquoise waters, coral reefs. Its two world renowned beaches are :
Vijaynagar Beach (Beach No. 5) and Radhanagar Beach (Beach No. 7) Ideal for: Snorkeling, scuba diving, elephant ride and spending time with nature. Reaching here: Its a three hours journey from Port Blair. There is regular ferry service between Port Blair and Havelock. A
Tourist Ferry also operate between the islands once a day. One can visit the island and return the same day
Havelock Island


  A very rare creation vest here in the island. uninhabited North and South Cinque island is connected to each other through sandbar. Its also home to pristine coral reefs. Reaching here: It takes two hours from Chidiyatapu, and three-and-a-half hours from Wandoor to travel to this island by boat. Permission is required from the Forest Department to visit this island.

Cinque Island


  Location: 82 km from Port Blair by sea. The beautiful Long Island is home to a lovely sandy beach at Lalaji Bay. It also has
a beautiful forest patch and coconut plantations. Reaching there: Ferry Service is available thrice a week from the local Phoenix Bay Jetty at Port Blair.
Island Holidays


  Location: A short boat distant from Port Blair (east of it) The erstwhile administrative headquarters of the British was situated here in early 20th century. Manicured lawns that led up
to clubhouses, swimming pools, granaries, officers messes, tennis courts and a majestic church lie in ruins, reclaimed by
nature after an earthquake in June 1941. Deer and peacock call this home. A small museum opens doors to the by gone era. The
island is small and waits to get walked the history. Getting there: Frequent ferry service (Govt. & private) are available. The island is open all the weekdays except Wednesday.
The place is now govern by Indian Navy.
Ross Island


  Location: Neil Island is situated 36 kms east of Port Blair. Lush green forest and sandy beaches provide an ideal holiday destination for tourists. The beaches are quite popular with
campers. There is excellent snorkeling and scuba diving opportunity to see beautiful corals & exotic marine life. Reaching there: Regular Ferry Service is available from Port Blair to Neil Island.

Neil Island


  Location: 90 km (approx.) by sea and 170 km by road. Rangat provides an ideal place for the eco-friendly tourist seeking the solitude of virgin nature. Attraction : Turtle nesting ground at Cuthbert Bay beach. Getting there: The land route from Port Blair (9 hours) crosses dense tropical forest, mangrove creeks and also the
habitations of the native people Jarawas-the tribe,.


  It offers a breath taking underwater view of coral and marine life. It is an ideal place for snorkeling, sea bathing and
basking on the sun kissed beach. Covered under Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Parks. (heavy damaged caused to the islands coral life due to tsunami during Dec.,2004).


  Another island in Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park is Red Skin Island. It has a beautiful beach offering spectacular views
of corals and marine life. It is an ideal place for snorkeling , sea bathing and basking on the sun kissed beach.
Red Skin Island


  Again an island of Historical Importance. Britishers used to harbour convicts here. The first jail was constructed at this
place later shifted to Cellular Jail. It has a gallows atop a hillock, where condemned prisoners were hanged. The famous
rebellion Sher Ali, who killed Lord Mayo the Viceroy of India in 1872, was also hanged here.
Viper Island

Karmatang Beach

  Location: Situated in the northern part of Middle Andaman, Mayabunder offers excellent scenic beauty and beautiful beaches.
Inhabited by the settlers from Burma , East Pakistan and ex-convicts. Attractions: Beach at Avis Island (30 minutes boat journey from Mayabunder) Karmatang beach (13 kms.) Karmatang beach is also
a turtle nesting ground. One can view nesting of turtles during December-February season.
Karmatang Beach


  Location: Situated in North Andaman Island, Diglipur provides a rare destination for eco-friendly tourists. Saddle Peak(732
metres) the highest point in the islands is nearby. Kalpong, the only river of Andaman flows from here. Attractions: Trekking to Saddle Peak ( Trekking equipments are available on hire from Turtle Resort), Ram Nagar beach (15
kms. away from Kalighat) is famous for Turtle nesting during December – February, Beachs at Kalipur and Maiya Bay beach. Reaching here: connection by raod and also by ferry. From Mayabunder one has to tarvel another 25 kms for Diglipur and to
Kalipur (18 kms.)



  Location: Journey 6 hrs. by sea from Port Blair towards south. Its home to a very beautiful beach at Butler Bay, a waterfall and plantation of oil palms. Apart from this there are several sandy beaches all along the coastline of the island. Attraction: Hutbay Waterfall, the break water at Hut Bay offers an excellent view to the tourists. The Onge tribals live in
this island.
Little Andaman

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